Skills & Services


Mahidol CEEDS have accomplished many success projects in many fields for governments and private companies. With our extensive experience, adequate experienced researcher staffs together with our broad research and development, we can provide our clients with tailor-made solutions which will best suit clients' requirement and situation.

Characteristics of our competitive profile :

High capacity to establish and provide solutions to complex problems. Rational and efficient organization to comply with industry in time and form. Great versatility. Capacity to develop multidisciplinary projects. Coordinated work between liaison and research activities and the formation of human resources.

Due to their level of complexity and their individual characteristics, our technological services are classified as:

o Innovation and technological development projects
o Consultation and advisory services
o Specialized training

Our Specializations

With the expertise of our faculty members and our extensive laboratory equipments, we can help you in many civil and environmental engineering areas,

including :
o Survey and Site Investigation
o Planning Study
o Feasibility Study
o Environmental Studies/Assessment
o Engineering Design
o Research and Development of Construction Materials/Techniques
o Evaluating Structural Strength
o Repair/Rehabilitation/Strengthening Structures
o Building Inspection as Required by Law
o Rock/soil classifications and quality ratings
o Tunnel and slope stabilities and stabilization for rock/soil environments
o Ground improvement for rock/soil foundations
o Dam seepage and cutoff wall
o Subsurface investigations
o Field instrumentations including soil moisture and matric suctions as well as soil movements via inclinometer
o Shallow and deep foundations
and many more

Our Services

Mahidol CEEDS also provides routine construction material testing services.

Concrete and Mortar
o Compressive/Tensile Strength
o Elastic Modulus
o In-situ Uniformity (Schmidt Hammer)
o Corrosion Potential/Resistivity

Steel Products
o Tensile Strength of Bars/Wires/Plates/Bolts

Soil and Aggregates
o On-site Coring
o Gradation - Sieve/Hydrometer Analysis
o Atterberg Limit
o Specific Gravity/Unit Weight
o Compaction
o California Bearing Ration (CBR)
o Unconfined/Triaxial Compression Tests
o Direct Shear Strength
o Soundness
o Abrasion Resistance (Los Angeles Test)
o Absorption/Water Content

o Penetration/Saybolt Viscosity
o Ductility
o Softening Point/Flash Point
o Loss on Heating/Thin Film Oven
o Marshall Stability

And many more! Our equipments follow related ASTM,BS or ISO standards. Please contact us directly for more information or if you have any specific requirements.