About Us


Mahidol CEEDS, founded in 2008, is a program under a supervision of Mahidol University, Faculty of Engineering and Mahidol University Applied and Technological Service. Mahidol CEEDS distinctive traits are its vocation for technological development and liaison. This vocation has materialized in projects for technological development, in evaluations and in high level training, as well as in the creation of testing program in specific areas, in strategic alliances with the productive sector and in the creation of an organization which provides satisfactory answers to the needs of our clients and users.

Our Mission and Value

Vision : We fuse knowledge, talent and energy to promote and support R&D on beneficial engineering innovations.

Mission : High capacity to establish and provide solutions to complex problems. Rational and efficient organization to comply with industry in time and form. Great versatility. Capacity to develop multidisciplinary projects. Coordinated work between liaison and research activities and the formation of human resources.

Value : Professional, we demand ourselves to thrive for knowledge and the highest standard of individual Integrity & professional Ethic.